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With the Invention Skill, the Clockwork Bench and the New Mining & Smithing Rework

I suggest the following:

1.) Clockwork suit
This is a Penguin Suit created over the clockwork bench after completing a few quests, such as Some Like It Cold. I see why it is with the quest being relevant. We should change the name of this suit, to Penguin Suit.

With Masterwork armour, Masterwork music boxes, dwarven technologies and a clockwork bench, combined with our ideas of Invention we SHOULD be able to create a more realistic sense of "Clockwork" armour, or an outfit. Also, the Ganodermic set displays a sight relevant to such!

New Clockwork Outfit:

When you think of this outfit, think of moving gears, brass and steel frames, small pullies/levers and steam-punk themed styles. It's not bulky like a dwarven suit and it is not designed to fly or take damage upon first creation. But you enhance it, more and more to become something unique and decent.

It is meant to be augmented. It is meant to be improved, upgraded and customized. It can than be bulky, or plated, or whatever ! I have provided designs (and there proper credit) to give you a brief idea to see the points I am making. I don't necessarily mean EXACTLY this, but the CONCEPT that follows the creation of such:


However, I am adaptable.
This also leaves room for possible creatures or companions to be designed as well using metals and invention materials, etc

Inspired/Content by Bethesda
As you touch the ancient tablet, you feel your power and energy drain slightly from within you.

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