Custom Allotments for POF

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Lord Myter
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Lord Myter

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I love POF.

I know that farms don't always have to grow produce and I know that there are allotments all around the world in RS3 (and one that's like right there next to it), but it just FEELS weird that there's no kind of custom allotment feature on our own personal farm. I think it would be satisfying to look over your farm and see rows and rows of growing produce.

Create hotspots for some custom farming allotments.

Ability to grow produce on your farm
Centralized and near bank would make life easier

Cons/Needs work:
Too many would affect the balance/make other farming locations irrelevant
Too many would make farming "too easy"

Balance is the obvious issue here and someone smarter than me would have to figure that out.

14-Apr-2019 17:34:05

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