Repairable T90/92 range/magic

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Since melee has masterwork armor that is repairable ranged and magic need that same love. It isn't fair that to get repairable ranged/magic armor you have to dye your equipment when melee just has to smith theirs.

There is a skill that allows you to already craft ranged and magic armor, it doesn't seem like it would be too difficult to just add in masterwork ranged and magic armor.

You could just change the elite tectonic/sirenic armor to be repairable with sirenic scales and tectonic energy.

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Pretty sure Jagex will balance things out in the future to have armour similar to MW for Ranged and Magic. They kinda have to. One of the following doors might have a towel behind it: [SQRT(-1)] - [2^3] - [3.1415927]

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