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The Infernix
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The Infernix

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How about you change it to the Artistry skill, add a canvas to the PoH and paint on it to give boosts that are active wherever you are, though stronger when near your PoH's location?

I've actually had an idea for the artistry skill-music and art-brewing for quite a while, but never had time to make a thread on it, and you more or less beat me to it!
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25-Mar-2019 15:40:54

Hobie Wan
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Hobie Wan

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I assumed this would be more like a bard where you can provide buffs to people/yourself with it, however I am nonetheless in support of what it actually ended up being when I opened it!
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27-Mar-2019 14:08:07

Saint Benjy
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Saint Benjy

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Good idea, but you should make music a combat skill in and of itself. Attacking with sound like banshees do, or overwhelming an opponent with the epicness of your rock song.

I'm being serious btw:)

06-May-2019 17:21:01



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If you want to make it a combat based elite skill:
Requirements = 70 in Constitution, Prayer, Summoning and Defense
70 in Attack, Strength, Magic, and Ranged is required to use the skill to 'buff' those as well.

09-May-2019 01:49:42

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