DT2 Quest, Dark runes + Spells

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Yeah, basically i had the rough idea of making runes for the ancient elements a while back (having already made hd renders of all the normal runes), after children of mah that grew into dark runes to make them stand out and the whole quest idea just evolved out of that and it wrote itself into something big =P. Tried making this picture before but wasnt until recently i learnt enough tricks to give it due justice =P

Sadly i tried showing this to others on reddit but all i got was people moaning about the miasma rune looking too much like the toxic material symbol which was kinda the point cus thats entirely what a miasma and swampy bog is. Yet its so cut back that it doesnt even look like that to me anymore, looks more like a swampy tree at a distance which was also part of the design. Dont think they even looked all this stuff i wrote for it or thought about these as a concept. Unfortunately despite all the work i put into making this and breaking down designs of zarosian magic, it was buried so likely not many people will even see it now =(

06-Mar-2019 23:08:36

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