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It seems like every time a bonus XP weekend rolls around, without exception, trying to use an elite training dummy becomes obnoxious. You run around Burthrope near the bank to try to stay in range of a core burst, while trying to find a spot in that range where you won't get the 'There is already an elite training dummy nearby' message. Once you find a spot, then three dummies in, someone else manages to put up a dummy too close to where you are, starting the whole process over again.

I'd like to request to reduce the distance that training dummies can be from each other, maybe to three tiles, four tops from the nearest other training dummy.

10-May-2019 21:47:29

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UrekMazino said:
Yea, make it spammable like div locs so that trolls can cover CA and burth with them.

Indeed. There's a space limit on them for a reason.

Perhpas the range for pulse cores during BXP events could be temporarily increased instead?
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11-May-2019 11:17:33

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also annoying when people have one down when I want to build adren (and its a different style), or when someone else has an adrenaline dummy that is about to expire and I can't place mine
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11-May-2019 16:14:54

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