Duel arena interface updates

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Please do the following updates to the duel arena rule settings interface.

- When you select your saved favorite settings, the button turns green. If the rules are modified after that click, the button turns yellow. Colors can be changed to be helpful for those who are color blind, but generally, make the button very obvious.

- Add a player wielding icon to indicate your own familiar and your opponents familiar. This icon should have a text to indicate the number of familiar scrolls held by the familiar.

- Disabling the use of the ammunition slot disables all rune pouches in the inventory as well.

02-Feb-2019 21:14:36

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i like your idea but I think it might be better if they make it so u have to pick what kind of duel u want to do as in box,mage box, or polypore staking.

20-Mar-2019 22:22:28

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