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It's probably already been suggested, but there are two rather open corners and walls by the door in the Costume Room of Player-owned houses... So what about a Weapon Rack? Some place to store non-degradable weapons, such as Wolfsbane, the Gadderhammer, Balmung, the Godswords, etc. (Possibly including degrading items like "Lucky [weapon]", but only when they're either unworn or at 100%)

An idea for the other wall would be a set of shelves or a glass cabinet or so for the Slayer Masks/Helmets.
Some might balk at the idea of it because it means being able to store and retrieve them without paying the storage fee that Django forces on us because the items have combat stats... but that would be rather counter to the fact that you can store armour sets like the Mystic robes, Warpriest and Obsidian armours, etc.

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