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AC Sandra

AC Sandra

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"Mad" title after 20 kills in a row.
"Merciless" title after 40 kills in a row.
"Savage" title after 60 kills in a row.
"Devourer" title after 100 kills in a row.
(only for titles every 3 kills in a row allow rebank)

"Noob" title after 200 deaths
"Pathetic" title after 500 deaths
No need deaths in a row for death titles, but Low levels have low risk, so they can give up intentionally to get titles. Fix: Additional Soul Shards amount requirement to buy titles, so they still must get Soul Shards or buy it from players/mtx.


Stun Extenuation - Requirements: 35Crafting. Cooldown: 45 seconds. Type: Basic.
Description: Deals 100% weapon damage and reduces Stun obtained from enemy time by double for 15 seconds.

Magnetize - Requirements: 60Invention. Cooldown: 60 seconds. Type: Threshold.
Desctiprion: Deals 150% weapon damage if you stand in multi target zone or does 100% weapon damage if you stand in 1v1 zone and magnetically pull the enemy in front of you. (playing with melee work in long distance).

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Anima Primus
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Anima Primus

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I've seen your similar suggestion on my thread as well. Hopefully you have finished reserving and I haven't broken any reserves because I've held back for quite a while.

I like this idea and can go hand in hand with my wilderness revitalization.

So support.
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29-May-2018 02:15:51



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I support this suggestion from Sandrak0.
We need to implement certain suggestions as well from the community, but a pool revision from the community will be made either way I guess.

Bring the PVP to Wilderness dead land haha! :P:P:P:P
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06-Aug-2018 12:29:31

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