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AC Sandra

AC Sandra

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King Tumeken said:
Ohhhh okay, no I get it. Okay I like this actually more. Its sort of like having a Bounty on your head haha like in Fallout 76!

Can I mention something? Have you ever considered involving dungeoneering tokens, as a reward for the pvp?

I mean, it doesnt have to have a 100% drop rate of dungeoneering tokens. Just a thought :)

I know a lot of players dislike dungeoneering. And the tokens can be converted into experience, as well as the rewards to buy with them. What do you think ?

i have no idea about dung tokens alternative mothods to get, in my case i have too much tokens, dont know what to buy, have everthing what i need. here full alternatives of dung tokens gaining... sinkholes, event boxes, amanishi etc... I really do not know

would be nice tradeable tokens, but not sure. (this is good for me, cuz i have milions of tokens)
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dowe lt
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dowe lt

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Its intresting idea for player whos woulds stake our items and try risk of thems but seems need somthing more for benefit as rewards... I wish you luck of this suggestion to runescape community :)

01-Jan-2019 00:26:43

Saif E
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Saif E

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Draco Burnz said:
Saif E said:
Didn't read past the first post, but I support.

This game needs PVP or it'll die for sure.

Yet theres hardly any pvp as is atm and it seems to be doing just fine.

You're in some next level denial. There are a maximum of 35k players on at peak hours on RS3, there are like 3 content creators for this game leaving the entertainment part rather lacking (and not because nobody wants to get on that YT grind but there's a lack of an audience), and when there's a developer live stream on twitch it barely passes 3k viewers.

This game has become stale, boring and repetitive. It'll take Jagex some major kahunas to admit to this fact, as will you. :)

Side note: When a company has a higher than the average turn over rate for employees, in most cases, the company isn't doing as well as it used to. Just some BA 101 for ya.
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03-Jan-2019 14:48:05

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