Low Risk PvP Arena

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"No support. The pvm playerbase doesn't want to risk anything. NO risk pvp arena would actually work, your suggestion is dead content on release."

-I believe the idea was to bring new players to the game.
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10-Jun-2019 11:22:20

Pop O
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Pop O

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No support,
Pvp can be fun etc but its long dead in rs 3, at this point if the wildy becomes safe i dont think many people will care apart from the 10 or so pvpers,
This is the case for 3 reasons
1.the majority of the runescape pvp community quit or relocated to old-school after EOC
2.killing people going about their skilling / pvm is rude and the rs3 community is largely nice because of how much they where filtered over the years (apart from a niche toxic pvm bunch)
3. In old-school pvp is educated gambling with simple premise in rs3 its more complicated which adds variety but increases time to learn and time to master by a lot alienate potential pvpers
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17-Jun-2019 17:01:36

AC Sandra

AC Sandra

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im not talking about wildy

EDIT: 20 years of 99% updates oriented in pvm, skilling etc, pvp 1%?(Combat fixes not counted). This is why pvp is dead. Divert atleast 10% of dev team to PvP Fix, and you see other result.
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This is a very well made idea, not to mention you've obviously put *A LOT* of time into it, kudos for that. :)
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25-Jul-2019 16:48:01

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