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would love very much to risk ingame gp over gear.

wilderness is practically dead besides clan run warbands.

and for those saying plenty of "low risk" pvp already would be highly mistaken.

Go check out those "low risk" (no risk) pvp minigames already at peak hour on their designated worlds.
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26-Sep-2018 01:09:17

AC Sandra

AC Sandra

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Teleport Block - Requirements: 30Slayer. Cooldown: 90 seconds. Type: Basic.
Description: Do 90% weapon damage and blocking enemy teleports for 15 seconds.

Teleport Block++ - Requirements: 50Slayer. Cooldown: 120 seconds. Type: Threshold.
Description: Do 180% weapon damage and blocking enemy teleports for 30 seconds.

Divinity - Requitements: 65Prayer. Cooldown: 180 seconds. Type: Ultimate.
Description: Heal 50% of the damage you deal and rebuild 20% prayer points depending on prayer level. Also providing immunity from disabling protection prayers for 30 seconds.

Anticipation++ - Requirements: 3Def. Cooldown: 60 seconds. Type: Threshold.
Desctiprion: Reducing all damage taken by 15% and providing immunity from stuns for 15 seconds.

New Ability - Req: 0% adren, 1 hp. Cooldown: 45sec. Price: 10k Soul Shards.
Can be used in non combat situations(like anticipation). Heal 25% incoming dmg for 6 seconds. block/cancel d.o.t effect for both/all players.

Abilitie: Teleblock Ignore. Type: Basic. Cooldown: 300seconds. Req: 9hp, 90 divination.
Works only in 1-20 Zone Level.
Description: Bind yourself for 24-48 seconds(depends on Combat Level), All stuns time reduced 25%, give back 20% received damage to attacker and after this period you move in safe zone(Ignoring Teleblock), in 3v3 zones send 40% taken damage back for all targets. You can cancel if use "Freedom".
also in 24-48s Bind period u can use food, defence abilities: Devotion, Anticipation, Resonance, Vengeance, Disruption Shield, Excaliburs, Staff of Light(SP Att), Shield Dome, Summoning Familiars.

Cursed energy weaving after 50 kills
Arrows/Bolts making after 100 kills
Proteans after 150 kills
Silverhawk boots after 200 kills
Dissasemble Item abilitie after 250 kills
etc methods who do not need rebank.
XP Buff from kills in a row max is 20% if not W.O.D Skilling Areas.
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AC Sandra

AC Sandra

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Less punishing Combat Triangle for 1 class players.
New Seed in PVP-D Drop table. For new potion(effect gives +10 Combat Levels), 1 dose neutralizes the combat triangle for 2 minutes. (if u use for example melee armor and magic staff, then you lost high amount accuracy/damage/def)
Im not sure 100% for this, but im sure - triangle is annoying. How you think this must be?

Overload Injector. Reqs: 99 Herblore, 99 Invention and Soul Shards.
Needs Two Overload Potions (4) to fill up Injector. Buff: For 30minutes only in combat situation inject Ovl effect and stop in non combat.

Adrenaline Injector.
Needs Two Adrenaline Potions (4) to fill up Injector. Buff: For 10minutes only in combat situation inject +2% Adrenaline every 10 Seconds.

New Rare Item for PvP/PvD(Demigod) Drop Table on 10+ kills in a row and lots damage/tank. Third/Second-Age armor upgrade kit, with this item you can upgrade your Third-Age Melee/range/magic armors to 80Tier or Third-Age Druidic set to 80Tier Hybrid Armors, Second-Age armors can be upgraded to 85tier. Upgraded armors are non degradeable and have low gear value on deposit.

New Pets in Rare Drop Table, like "Tiny White Knight", but allow use like cosmetic for summoning familiars. You have chance get pet with kills in a row:
With 0 kills in a row Tiny warrior in Bronze Gear.
With 1 kill in a row Upgrade to Mithril.
3 kills Gilded Rune.
5 kills Bandos.
7 kills Malev with Nox Scythe...
Wizard, Batwing, Skeletal, Subjugation and Tectonic.
Leather, Carapace, Blue Dragonhide, Armadyl and Sirenic.
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AC Sandra

AC Sandra

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Gift from Amascut

Dual wielding weapons from 30Tier which has t28 accuracy and t32 damage up to 90Level which has t88acc t92dmg(Magic damage depending on selected spell)... To get 30Tier weapons you must have 1-30 Combat Level, to get 50Tier you need 31-50 Combat Level, to get 70Tier you need 51-70 Combat Level and for 90Tier you need 71+ Combat Level.

You can claim it for free after 20 kills in a row without rebanking, then you get teleport to other area where Amascut waits for you, short dialog how she impressed and proud of you, but she warns you dont do this outside W.O.D otherwise your soul will be eaten, then you choosing one class of dual wielding weapons(if u want one more class weapons, u must do 20 kills in a row again and so on).

Weapons not tradeable and has no effect outside W.O.D arena, also has no effect for "Demigod" player.

To get effect you must wield main and off-hand!

Swords: Every 10 seconds you get +100 Prayer Points.

Crossbows: Heals 10% of damage you done.

Wand & Orb: 100% chance apply Binds spells, Teleblock and gives +500 armour and +1000 HitPoints Boost.
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AC Sandra

AC Sandra

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Another scenario: If you have talon beast, hellcat or any other cat in invetory or as follower, when you teleported to Amascut, shes fall down from hammock and hiding behind tree. She get angry and screaming "Cat! How you dare! Get out of here!" she quickly take control of most powerful god minds and tells him teleport you out. Then you going in safe zone where Icthlarin appears and hes says "Dont do this again, Amascut can destroy evertyhing, even the Gods", "But how?", "Hes has power to control minds", "Whoah! So why she cant control minds to kill all cats with others hands?", "Amascut is not bad, shes destroying only bad souls, cats not are bad, thats why she dont want to kill their and i cant say anything more to mortal. Take this shield and dont do this again. Bye", "Wait! i have so many questions now... shes can control Gods and everyone shes wants, but she scare cats, what the...?" but Icthlarin gone.

Then you get Hybrid Shield like dragonfire shield with activate damage function. Every 1minute you can use it. 30T can do 500 damage, 50T 1k dmg, 70T 1.5k dmg and 90t can do 2k damage.

These weapons and shield has 0gp value, so no tax from gear value on your risk.

(To upgrade shield you dont need cat, when you got required combat level for next tier, you need do another 20 kills in a row without banking and shield get upgrade automatically, for weapons you get teleport to Amascut and here you choose other class weapons or tier upgrade if you have requiraments).

Fix: better on first visit you unlocking weapon or shield only 30Tier and then every 10 kills in a row without banking you receive 1 token, they can be used for upgrade, when you have 10 tokens you can choose new weapon or upgrade(it helps to protect from to fast or to cheap gaining 90t stuff)
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AC Sandra

AC Sandra

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Players vs Demigod - PvD

Like hellfire bow in wilderness. Here you must catch Blue Energy which always flies in "walk" speed to get demigod buff and blue skull above head(Lose W.O.D buffs). To Cancel buff you must drop energy, enter multi target zone or step under 10 Zone level, then you drop Blue Energy and you get violet skull, if you are in combat, you cant drop energy, enter multi and 1-10 zone, also you cant use teleports, in case of death you lose 10%-100% Risk, Protect Risk Prayer not work... with every kill your risk rises +5%, until 100%.

Demigod buff: You do 100% critical hits until 50% HP left, on 50-25% HP critical hits stops and do 2x weapon damage with regular accuracy, under 25% HP 3x higher damage, all the time you get back 3x less damage. 50% less reflect, veng, etc dmg.
All 10-30level zones becomes 1v10 area and all 50+- cmb lvls can attack you everywhere.

With Demigod buff kills in a row(for titiles) not counted and you get 90% less Soul Shards.

With every kill you lost 1% of risk but not less 2k Coins, under 200k gp risk you drop and cant take Blue Energy also in blue skull you cant get other player risk.
No one gets skull if attacking demigod.
In demigod role, 1 minute after logout blue energy appears, % of risk collected for Active Players.

Players who die from Demigod lose 1% of deposit, lose 2% those who was in combat 15 minutes period and 5% deposit loss players with violet skull(all for Active Players rewards).

Will be useful basic abilitie to move player with blue skull somewhere 20 meters from you and additional special attack bar for legacy players. Demigod PvP XP and all stuns time reduced 2x.

Players who killed blue skull gets 2x more Soul Shards and +1kill.
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AC Sandra

AC Sandra

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For regular players it would be good message in chat "Something is wrong..." when demigod is closer than 30 meters.

Drop table for 10 most tank/dps and etc players... for 1x drops you need do 2k dmg per 10 seconds, 2x drops - 5k dmg/20s, 5x drops - 15k/30s, 10x drops - 40k/1min, 20x drops - 90k dmg per 2min(dont forget 3x less dmg, veng etc)

Demigod gets 2x drops or 5x drops from skulled players.
Must pay off for Demigod supples, energy, 200k-1m/h profit, lowest Money Making in arena, cuz demigod role is very fun, 1hit anyone(if noob after Preperation time).

What you think?

What you think?

What you think?
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AC Sandra

AC Sandra

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With growed pvp community and optimised Arena in long term, could create new PvP D&D's, High Risk etc games, on the other side of the triangle.

I have one, no risk every 3hours begins.. "
Masters Race

RS3, Mix or Legacy Mode arena depends from First Portal.
You need empty Backpack and Equipment, summoning followers not allowed.

In arena you get temporarily clear Action Bar, all skills 1lvl and new interface mode where opened only Backpack, Abilities, Prayers, Action bar and new Power Menu.

How works Power Menu, with every 1 kill you can press 2 buttons, 1 Kill = 2 Clicks...
All players started with 4000 HitPoints and 1 free click on melee, range or mage.
Button #1: Attack & Strenght +10 Levels and Gear.
Button #2: Magic +10 Levels and Gear.
Button #3: Range +10 Levels and Gear.
Button #4: Defence +10 Levels and Hybrid Gear.
Button #5: Prayer +10 Levels.
Button #6: +2000HitPoints. Max is 20K (2000 Legacy).

At Start if you click for example Range button, then you insta get 10Tier Xbows, Bow and 10 Tier Hybrid Armours and Shield. Equiped/Backpack Gear automatically gets upgade after Power UP Click.
All gear is simple, without effects, special attacks.
No need ammo for range & magic.
In case of death you get -10 Levels/Gear or 2k HP for random skill.
You can attack only those who have same lvl betven att str, range or magic, for example: Battle allowed if one player have 70 Range, another have 70 Magic highest skill.
After successful kill or Combat leaving you get auto Stats and Prayer restore, Full HP and 100% Special Attack for Legacy Players. 10 Safe Seconds after kill.
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AC Sandra

AC Sandra

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Game duration is 55Minutes, during this time you have to reach max 90 Tier(Only One Class: Att Str, Range or Magic) and kill 1 player, then you WIN, second player 2nd place and so on until 5th winner, then game stops earlier.

All Players get 1 Soul Shard every 3 minutes.
1 Place. 100 Soul Shards
2 Place. 80
3. 60
4. 40
5. 20

Random Items spawning on the floor. Items and location changes every 3 minutes.
Two Types of Items, Regular and Special. Regular always safe on death, 50% of Special items always lost on death(random).

Regular common items: Att Str, Mage, Range, Def, Potions etc...
Regular rare items: 1x Dose Life Potion(Heals 3000HP), 1x Dose Overload, 1x Dose Weapon Poison++, 1x Prayer potion etc...

Special common items: Barrows Equipment, Void Knight Equipment, all Special Attack weapons etc...
Special rare items: Lunar Spellbook, Ancient Spellbook, Ancient Curses, Praesul, Reprisal, Onslought and etc Abilities, Holy Books, Insignias, Amulets, Rings etc...

All gained Items disappears after game.
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