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Tenebri said:

theres already issues with fighting for spots for training. to extent abyssal demons had to have increased spawns and extra area. one example

from my experience rs is still heavily social with friends chats and clans etc. just because your avatars arent next to each other speaking doesnt mean its not a social game anymore

also try and take note of all the players there and how many people are actually socialising. just because they are together doesnt mean they all want to or are socialising

decreasing worlds will just cause more issues than it solves

I'd argue the only way Jagex ever has an actual realistic chance at reviving the decaying social aspect of this game is actively helping bring completely fresh players to the game and nurturing openly social elements of the game rather than cut the servers down.

I've been playing since RSC was the only version of the game, so I've also been playing RS2 when this used to have 1m+ playing at almost any given time with 700-900K players online being the standard when not during peak times.

As such I simply don't care about the competing for spots arguement as it's weak, back then you either put up with it, shared those spots or you hoped to find a spot that wasn't currently being used (which did happen) - Jagex can work around that by increasing spawn times slightly or however they would; unless it's changed I vaguely remember back then that the higher the population of a world the quicker things respawned etc.

I'd also argue a major boom in population growth would help D&D's etc. due to the sheer volume because of limited servers for specific activities.

In regards to FC's, clan chat's etc. I wouldn't (and don't) consider talking to and seeing the exact same people day in, day out as openly social. It is socialising, yes - but it's a closed community. Having almost everyone in closed off groups that hardly ever interact outside of it isn't very social.

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