Quest Idea: Cause and Effect.

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Here is an Idea that I been thinking about since completing Meeting History Years ago, A quest that would give "The World Guardian" a much bigger role.

Points of the quest (after completing Meeting History):
-Jorral finds a way to bring the adventurer to the future. He is rather obbessed with what is in the future. Before they can travel, the player perhaps has to make travel to the future possible.

-After finding the items of interest, they go to an area on the outskirts of the Kandarin Kingdom, and teleport to the future. Only that they arrive at the sounds of powerful explosions, The adventurer gets separated from Jorral. He is all the way across the massive crossfire on a large battlefield.
-To get to him, the Adventurer has to navigate through trenches and obstacles and avoid most conflicts by the belligerents, as soon as you find a Shell-shocked Jorral, you have to guide Jorral back to the original start point while keeping him safe.
At some point after getting Jorral to safety, the Adventurer would be attacked and kept from escaping back to the present, only to be saved by another Adventurer, the Player's Future self, and many others that the Adventurer helped in the past.

-The future the Adventurer has traveled to is revealed to be fighting a massive war throughout Gielinor, The Second Gielinor God Wars. Taking place between 20-50 years after Year 1 of the Sixth age. Where many of the fronts are revealed to the Adventurer. (in addition to a massive civil war being fought in the Kandarin kingdom).

-After making a device that the Adventurer can use to communicate with their future self, miniquests become avaliable all over the present day map, Where the Adventure learns of the many battlefronts between kingdoms, factions, rebellions,etc.
The Adventure and Future Self has one big important quest in mind, to stop the Second Gielinor God Wars from happening!

(Part one of this pitch.)

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(Part 2 of this pitch)

-In these miniquests, the Adventurer would investigate the many factors that led to the Second Gielinor God Wars. In the present.
-Meanwhile, in the future, the Future Adventure must head for these battlefronts, and deduce the culprits that led to these wars that are happening, and to an extent, participating in some of the battles themselves. With the help of many future allies, such as an adult version of Phillipe Carnillean.
-After the factors become clear to the present-day Adventurer, they could talk, fight, or whatever is needed to prevent the tensions from ever escalating, or at least reducing the conflicts from large scale.

Antagonist groups:
It could vary, the plot for this quest idea still has a blank canvas.
-One idea is that the Gods have mingled too much with problems facing Gielinor?
-Or maybe a new evil cult. Perhaps a Guthixian Cult of Sorrow could be behind the second wars?
-Or even the Adventurer's future self could be the cause of the Second Gielinor God Wars.
-The possibilities are still endless, It is still an open canvas.
-In the Case of the Future Adventurer, it would vary on which battlefield they are at.

Why should it be in Runescape?
-Time Travel is a topic that has not been explored since the release of Meeting History. The only "futuristic" ideas we see are merely alternate Dimensions, such as Dimension of Disaster. Albeit, considering the "future" in this quest takes place 20-50 years in the future, and Year 1 of the sixth age (current year).
-It would give the world guardian (aka the Adventurer) an even bigger role as the World Guardian, having insight of a future God War, and the need to prevent it from happening.
-It can build stories of many characters already existing.
-Due to the fact this idea is a blank canvas, there would by many possibilities that this quest can end.
-Unlike the First Gielinor God Wars, there would be a way to stop the Second one from happening.

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Some ideas for the Belligerents/ Battles of this Quest:

-Varrock's Army, and many Misthalin forces. vs. Vyrewatch, and Zamorakian Forces.
The battle will take place after the destruction of the Paterdomus Temple. a Large portion of the Vryewatch under Zamorakian Generals are pushing west for Varrock.

-Varrock's Army and Misthalin forces. vs Zamorakian Forces (with aid from Chao's Dwarves, ETC).
Zamorakian Forces are pushing very far and are on the verge of capturing Edgeville, and pushing east. Surrounding Varrock on the East, North, and West. Asgarnia is preoccupied with conflicts of their own. Misthalin could face many other threats. To make threats even worst, Zamorakian forces have artillery set up and can hit the City of Varrock at anytime.

-Asgarnia Faladorian Army. Vs. Kinshra Alliance

-Ardougne's Army and Elves and Saradomin forces vs. Zamorakian Forces vs. Goblins vs. Smaller factions, vs. Gnome Army and Royal Gnome Airforce.
As tensions grow very high, the Kandarin Kingdom slowly collapses, and smaller kingdoms and factions rise, war quickly escalates to fighting of all sides.
(the Quest would start here in the Future. On the Miniquest portion, the Adventurer's Future Self would look for what caused the battle to escalate, then the Present day Adventurer would seek to fix these problems leading to the conflicts in Kandarin)

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CSSkye said:
Support sounds interesting, though I could do without the escort mission at the start.:P

I've added your thread to here, let me know if you would like anything changing, or if you want it removed entirely.

Thanks :)

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Example of a possible instance:
In the city of varrock, things are on edge, as the Future adventurer visits the future king (or maybe Roald if still possible) and they talk about how the Misthalain forces need to push the Wilderness line back.
It is in vain as the Zamorakian forces already launch attacks at the castle.

In the role Sir Prysen, he would help get the citizens to safety, while commanding barracades, meanwhile, the future adventurer notices that Saradomin is busy in another kingdom and is not readily availiable. To make matters worst, Edgeville has been captured and the forces are led by Zamorak, pushing for Varrock. The Misthalain Army is in complete disarray as the forces close in.

Communicating with the present day adventurer, They need to find out what caused the escalation of the conflict that will happen in future Varrock. Perhaps the play has to convince the Barbarian of Gunnarsgruun to help repel attacks by the Zamorakian forces from Edgeville. The player could also look into how Edgeville fell to Zamorak, perhaps coming in contact with Evil Dave again. Or perhaps use something from the museum to help develop stronger defenses for the future

After switch back to the Future Adventure, perhaps they can navigate the time changed battlefield, perhaps look into either a cause or culprit and use this to collect information for the Present day adventurer.
Switching back to the present day. The player can then use this to ease or prevent the tensions that caused the massive front. Whether convincing Zamorak of a bigger threat on a different battlefield, or other means (depending on story, etc.)

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