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You should really expand an idea such as this over several detailed posts, rather than limiting yourself to just one. For detailing individual skills, separate threads might be a good idea. I think you should pick one and go with it.

That said, I do think there is legs in Necromancy, though it's likely a better fit as an update for the Summoning skill.

As for heating, the mechanics already exist through spells, the ore bank feature at smithing locations or simply using a fire or range. I think as a concept, it's a bit over complicated for a skill as it attempts to solve a problem that doesn't really exist and would be infrequently used. I would also feel that its addition would cause a degree of confusion, with players questioning the relevance and need of the skill. I get the idea of being able to skill on the go, but I just personally see it as a bit unnecessary.

The idea of some sort of carryable heat source could work as a small addition to the firemaking skill, but with the ability to add a tinderbox to a toolbelt and the readily available nature of trees, this would only really be useful for areas with few resources - such as the Jungle or Desert.


15-Jun-2019 23:46:21

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