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I respectfully request that the Loot Share Potential ( Loot Share "Points" or "LSP" ) be viewable to all members of a friends or clan chat using Lootshare.

On multiple occasions, my group of three friends and I have gone bossing together and over 90% of loot was distributed to only 2 team members; specifically, the two members newest to bossing and, subsequently, lootshare. After some research, we have determined that this is most likely due to the low LSP of the two members recieving the loot. This research was conducted after an evening of rather miserable bossing where the two veteran members received nearly 0 drops from both a GW1 and GW2 bosses for no apparent reason.

While displaying the LSP for each member would not solve the issue we were having, it would provide an explanation for such events and allow us a method of correcting it. For example, the team could either allow the LSPs to naturally degrade or work on a lesser boss until each of the LSPs return to the same level.

We believe that this update would be easy to implement and be very useful with minimal detriments as not receiving any drops with no clear explanation can be incredbily demotivating and provide an unsatisfactory group bossing experience.

16-Jun-2019 18:36:46

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