New Crop Patches: Hay Fields

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Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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One: hay is made from wheat and such after the seeds are removed (planting the next crop and mostly milling to make flour), so hay seeds don't exist.

Two: why would be need hay? The only useless use haystacks have is sometimes finding a needle in it.
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Thematically, it fits.

But piling on top of King Abbot's post ...
- we already have lots of wheat fields. yes, wheat has a use in making bread, pie shells, pizza base, etc. But we can get that for free with the wheat fields all over the map.
- it would be a Level 1 Farming thing since it would mechanically need to fit with everything else we have ... and this is a level where we already have plenty (potatoes, picking flax, making compost)
- wheat/hay has little use outside of cooking. if you want cheap items to add to your PoF food torughs, you can always use flax.

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