Ghrazi Rapiers RS3

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The main hand and off hand Ghrazi Rapier are t75 non degradeable dual wield melee rapiers. They are created by trimming bane longswords at an anvil at with 2500 vampyre dust at 99 smithing, magic and prayer.

We have degradeable t75 dual
wield melee weapons but no non degradeable t75 dual wield melee weapons. RS3 Ghrazi Rapiers also have the effect of sunspear (river of blood version) on vampyres and werewolves.

To differentiate them from OSRS Ghrazi Rapiers, they will have the additional effect of allowing players killing vampyres with both main hand and off hand rs3 ghrazi rapier
to summon a blood spirit, which has the same effect as seren spirit but also has rare chance of giving 100 blood altar teleports. Since they are non degradeable, they cannot be augmented.


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