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I have an idea that will make it very difficult for bots (such as miners and woodcutters) to thrive.

Make it a requirement to have 40 attack to use a rune pickaxe or axe for mining or woodcutting for non-members (or for everyone). This way bots will first have to achieve 40 attack to start botting. However this long period of time makes it very punishing once they get banned.

While this may initially be unpopular with players, overall it should severely reduce the amount of botters in the game. Also any player who actually plays their account should have no problem reaching 40 attack at some point, so it will mostly target the botters.

Also any bots that do not have 40 attack will be stuck using adamant or lower depending on how the rule is implemented. This means that they will immediately have a disadvantage against players with the appropriate attack level who can use rune.

Please consider this suggestion.

21-Feb-2019 00:52:49

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I am afraid to inform you that botters don't really care about how long it takes to get their accounts "to level" since they don't actually have to sit behind the keyboard and do it. Plenty of Green Dragon bots have to get their combat stats up to level 70 to use the whips that they use.

Unfortunately, there's no easy way to stop botting.
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21-Feb-2019 06:26:48

Kings Abbot

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Report them. Still the best way.

Also, you'll get the hate of part of the combat pures and every skiller pure on you, and that doesn't seem very wise.
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21-Feb-2019 11:02:29



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about the only way to get rid of most botting is to get rid of most of the trade mechanics between players (probably leaving only the ge).

botting usually comes in 2 forms:
money making (it grinds out the gathering or collecting to sell the stuff later)
auto-leveling (so you don't spend the 10 hours personally cutting willow trees to get the next 2 woodcutting levels)

after that, your only other method is the extreme of make every player account a hard core ironman, then enable PVP everywhere. 2 seconds after that, majority of players quit because they don't want to have all progress lost in game.

21-Feb-2019 20:26:58

The Infernix
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The Infernix

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You could always have the game instapermaban you if you try to use anything 3rd-party, which would save pures, but probably still wouldn't be very popular, either
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21-Feb-2019 21:05:11

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