Smithing rework Chainbody.

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What happened to the chainmail? Babe equipment includes a Bane sq shield, while others like Orikalkum have subjects including an Orikalkum kiteshield. Well, each rework smithing metal has a plate, so I am interested in like a Necronium Chainbody. Something masculine, so we're not marginal people after Dragon sets because the only increase is to an age-old Vesta's Chainbody with a plateskirt. Frankly, I am a fan of the Chainbody and I'm overburdened by the notional popular culture of these new metals without chainmail. They're good for woodcutting because monsters near trees tend to use crush, and also I got a Rune chainmail yrs ago in a drop party, ha ha.

Thanks for all the time and consideration in this matter is greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing back from the updates about a year 160 (Varrock census time) Chainbody.


17-Jun-2019 17:27:05

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Kings Abbot

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Maybe the armour sets will be completed later on, all the new stuff is rather incomplete compaired to the traditional armour sets. The weapon diversity thing Jagex is planning will probably complete all the sets. The Wiki needs a hand, and Bwian's will gladly take the rest of your (carcinogenic) body!

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17-Jun-2019 21:48:46

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Kings Abbot said:
Aren’t exactly the same now? Their stats are at least.

That basically was the plan of the rework. Look at how the elder rune set uses a buckler instead of a square or kite shield for instance as well.

And that's the reason why they don't introduce tons of options for cosmetic purposes only - but generally it's fine at least for the existing items to be chosen by stylistic preference rather than one being an outright inferior version of the other one.
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