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I think you should add voice chat into the game so, we can communicate with people instead of 3rd party program like team speaker, discord, skype, and what not. It will also make the game a bit more enjoying or annoying. we have the power the mute so, it should be fine. Life is supposed to be fun

04-Aug-2019 05:58:49

Draco Burnz
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Just use Discord.

Ppl have asked for this before but it hasn't happened as most ppl don't want to listen to trolls all day.
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Not sure how it'd work for this game in particular. But given how depressingly anti social it feels due to several factors and coupled with the popularity of external third parties apps for communication over the standard in game ones, I'd say that highlights where the focus should be put towards regarding in game communication.

Gonna need a bigger ignore list though that's for sure..

04-Aug-2019 16:50:06

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