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Fc (fiends chat) : TitleHunters

Hello friends! :)

we are new fc called TitleHunters and our mission in Runescape 3 is help you all in pvm! :)
If you have a reaper task and its too hard for you, or you need 1 kill for the title join our discord server and we will teach you and help you!:)

From time to time, we are planning to host masses AOD, GW1, GW2 etc (lootshare/coinshare) aswell, and everything will be announced in our discord server :)

Why we are different from other groups? We don't have elitist rules, we are here to hunt titles and have fun!:)

Of course, you will be required to follow any boss mechanic (example: AOD ice, smokes, bombs, shadows) and respect each other!

If you are very experienced pvmer and want to help us to teach others, we are more than happy to give you a rank for your dedication!

Hope to you see you in game! :)

28-Jul-2018 20:11:33

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