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Join my friends chat (preferably) or pm any of the people listed below and ask for more information!

Link to our Discord (has prices):

Friends Chat: Flex My Fury

What we offer

Elite Dungeons 1 (Temple of Aminishi)

Elite Dungeons 2 (Dragonkin Laboratory)

Elite Dungeons 3 (Shadow Reef)


Titles including The Elite Title

All other bosses!

We offer discounts for purchasing multiple bosses!

You'll get unlimited attempts, so we go until you get your dungeon completed once you have paid.

You're essentially paying for a full complete dungeon (all of the bosses and the comp req)

Our goal is to make sure you get through the kill with ease, which is why we will be using Discord for communication purposes.

We also have a Solak leech service thread as well if you're interested. Check my profile or ask in the fc for details!

Join my friends chat or Pm any of the people below with questions

Flex My Fury
Just Kevin

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Thank you guys so much. :)

I was not looking forward to a long and costly struggle to get my comp cape back, but you made it easy. Given the supplies and money I lost trying it on my own and not even getting past the first boss, I am sure that in the end this service was cheaper for me as well.

Thanks again, I can't recommend this team enough, they really know what they are doing.

25-Jun-2018 20:59:07

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