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hey - i'm starting a discord for this purpose, pls see below, welcome to join :)

Hey there - looking for a dungeoneering team?
We're starting a discord to help people find dungeoneering teams & to share dung tips etc.
It's new and open to any level. There are no requirements, but with a shared discord we can help get each other up to speed on how to do dung and get some efficient teams going. The discord roles are setup according to the dung floor sets (frozen, abandoned etc), so you can notify people who are interested in the same floors as you.

invite code for discord: CnC6nh

I've been doing dungeoneering with people from my clan and getting extra people to fill the team on w77. The purpose of the server is to have a place where we can go on voice to do dung and invite any new people who want to join the team. Aslo sometimes we make a team on 77 and then you loose the people for next time - with a server hopefully we can make it easier to keep going with the same people :).

There are no requirements, but just a few simple rules:
- No selling floors, or buying floors.
- Help each other: if someone doesn't know something pls explain. We want to do floors fast - it will be fast if we teach each other :)
- No discrimination / bs.

It's just starting so we dont have loads of people yet, but anyone is welcome to join :)

28-Jul-2018 12:48:51

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