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Username: Dragonthol (Bit)

Character Name: Virgil Haymana

Gender: Male

Religious Affiliation: Godly Beliefs

Race: Human

Role: Mercenary / Anything

Physical Appearance: 5'10" / 150lbs / Light-skinned / Corroded "S" Tattoo on right cheek.

Personality: Not much of a talker. A very "black or white" man, he's the one who cuts the bull. Virgil would come off as a natural born leader, but he'd rather stay behind the scenes to avoid responsibility. Smokes more than the pipe itself, and would never turn down a drink.

Bio: Straight from the desert Virgil made his way to the western world a few times through his adolescence. Eventually being picked up by a "family" of mercenaries. He was trained, beat, and desecrated for ages it seemed, before making his escape. Now still rather young, he has nowhere else to turn to besides another Merc. group in need of numbers. He may not act or look desperate, but he's been living like a hermit for some time now.
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