The Dragonkin Empire Returns!

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After loosing sixteen consecutive rounds of Rock, Paper, Siccors, King Kasharren has been defeated, and handed over Misthalin to my charactor, Kronesian Jr. King Kronesian Jr is reforming misthalin into the Second Dragonkin Empire, and enforcing Dragonkin Worship as the one true faith.

The Empire hereby declares war on all, and demands tribute and submission from the lesser races. This involves presenting yourself before King Kronesian jr and doing the whip & nae nae. All nations and peoples have 48 hours to comply, or face damnation in the hellfires of the Dragonkin.

No longer will the people of Gielinor be burdened to think for themselves, or protect themselves. From now on, the Dragonkin shall do all the thinking for you, and we shall hold all the weapons.

Instead of a costly "great wall", the new dragon kin have lined the boarders of Misthalin with banana peels to stop any invaders in their tracks. Come at us, you can't.

Consider the banana conquest of Gielinor in effect.

Submit to the N W O.


Hazbollah said:
GreytBritain said:
Instead of a costly "great wall"

Would he have made non-Misthalites make it? And scapegoat Kharidians? And have been a business man beforehand?

He makes a good point, We're gonna make a great wall, a beautiful wall, the best wall, and the Asgarnians are gonna pay for it!

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