The Dragonkin Empire Returns!

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Lady Ria

Lady Ria

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Jean stop being ridiculous, we all know Kronesian Jr. couldn't happen.

However, the Atinaese-Kronesian (Kronesian of Kronesians for you southern pumiichi****h) is a very real concept we were waiting to reveal.

In co-operation with Jagex and our new mining overlords, Worshipper loyalists have pooled together enough money to purchase the end of the Stone of Jas storyline.

I would like to confirm the Stone of Jas is in fact an egg, but it isn't Jas' egg. The Stone of Jas is the egg of the Atinaese Kronesian!

But no. Jean had to go and spoil the return. What a jerk.

01-Apr-2016 14:40:56

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