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Motley Crue

Motley Crue

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Let the community know your Twitch name here! If you're feeling ambitious feel free to let us know what kind of stuff you do the most on your streams. Are you Old School or RS3? Let us know!

Note - Just your Twitch name, not the link. Also avoid sharing personal information.
Mötley Crüe

05-Oct-2014 21:19:52

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Well mine's SlayerKerdyRS, I'm streaming to no one right now though, lol. Just started.

literally have the same thing

18-Oct-2014 23:41:39

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xifdeti is the Twitch name.

I'll be training hunter by catching sprites and playing through my music collection throughout. I even have a webcam set up and will answer most questions in Twitch chat.

I'll be taking breaks for food and to play Gold 1 ranked League on Latin America North (only 30 ping!). I'll stream this also.

31-Oct-2014 20:40:47

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I was a twitch streamer up until this week. Got banned for 2 days for no reason. Got off ban. Then rebanned 2 hours later.

Seems to only be if I stream Runescape - imagine that!

05-Apr-2015 07:30:21

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