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Being part of the Community Management team, we get a lot questions about Moderators in game and on the forums. There are a few questions that come up regularly that we feel can be addressed and having a thread on the forums with the information.

Player Moderators

Over the years curators and processes have changed from when Player Moderators were first selected. The internet and social media have made socialising in and out of game more transparent, you can share images of your progress, interact with players outside of RuneScape and make different types of videos, vines and memes.

One thing that we'd say is that we're very proud of a lot of the RuneScape community. We have extremely talented and creative people and one of the great things about being so active with the community is that we get to see it for ourselves. Sadly, it is not possible to be everywhere and see everything all the time. Over the years the Community Management team have spotted players in and around game that have been an awesome representative of the community, in 2004 when Player Moderators were first selected they were selected to help the team out by moderating the game, making sure rules weren't broken and helped us spot other members of the community that they thought would be good for the team - they were and always have been there to help the community team.

As time has gone on, Player Moderators have been selected for different reasons. We've had systems put in place to prevent rules from being broken or tools that help track down those responsible. Player Moderators and the reasons they've been selected have changed from curator and timing. Players that have been player moderators for years don't lose their status when a new curator takes over P-Mod recruitment/management.

J-Mod alt accounts are usually selected to be player moderators as they are already J-Mods, a lot of active J-Mods that have left Jagex HQ may still hold their Player Moderator status.

So questions that have come up:

How many Player Moderators do we currently have in game?

We have around 2,000 Player Moderators, across all languages.

When was the last time you recruited Player Moderators?

October - December 2016, focused on OSRS. October - December 2015, for RS3. We have no specific schedule as to when the next batch of Player Moderators will be put through currently.

Why was it so long ago?

Every curator has their own method of recruiting and what they're looking for. Since taking over as Player Moderator curator and working with the community we thought it was important to get the right kind of players on board that actually want to work with us to make it better (this doesn't mean that Player Moderators recruited before the curator change weren't good, it means that there are different things we're looking for).

With changes to the company, the community, different versions of the game our visions and aims need to adapt. For example, Old School Player Moderators have their own curator, they are a different community and there will be things that the Old School team want from their moderators when putting them through the checks to become one.

How can I become a Player Moderator?

There is no way to apply to become a Player Moderator. Anyone offering this in or out of game should be reported to us immediately! Please e-mail

Despite any negative comments about Player Moderators, being a trusted member of the community is a huge privilege. The amount of negativity they receive about how they got their status is terrible and unfair, however, when accepting the role of Player Moderator they would have known that this may have been the case.

Just as it was done years ago if we recognise the qualities we see from a modly player we'll consider them for P-Mod recruitment checks. When I say "we" I mean all J-Mods. J-Mods are always in game on normal accounts and they'll pass on names to the Community Management team if they think someone would be a good Player Moderator.

Player Moderators also help us identify players who would make good P-Mods. As mentioned previously we can't be everywhere. We try to avoid giving Player Moderator status to groups of friends as that is not what being a Player Moderator is all about.

Anything that stands out to us - YouTube videos, Twitch streams, social media posts, Player Gallery submissions - if we see something we like we will take the time to investigate you, your account and see if you possess the qualities we're looking for to be part of the team. :)

So what is it you actually look for when recruiting?

Okay, so there are a few stages we need to consider.

1st Stage - Initial Thoughts
We look for friendly, helpful players. We look for players that appear to possess the same qualities we look for in a J-Mod. We want players to be themselves. Natural qualities we look for include:
- Patience
- Understanding
- Maturity
- The ability to communicate effectively with P-mods and J-mods
- Positive and constructive posts/comments
- Friendliness
- Approachable
- Active in game/in the community/on social networks

We admit that there may be players that pretend to act this way in our presence but this isn't something that we can help, it's one of the reasons we have further checks to go through.

2nd Stage - The Actual Checks
We run a series of checks from account security, in-game behaviour and the kind of reports you make. Are you reporting the right people? Do you have the RuneScape Authenticator? What kind of things do you get reported for? Have you ever broken the rules etc...

Your account is passed on to three different teams before the Community Management team take a final look at all the accounts. These are unbiased and not personal - if there is something at this stage that we're not happy with (reports of you breaking the rules, your account not being secure, negative comments on social media about Jagex or other Player Moderators) you will not be contacted by the team and can play RuneScape as normal.

3rd Stage - The Invite
If you've passed all the checks and the CM team feel they can work or try to work with the players selected we'll send an invite via your RuneScape inbox. Once you accept to be a Player Moderator you'll get to work with the P-Mod Mentors until you're ready to accept full responsibility of a P-Mod.

I have offences, does this affect my chances of being a Player Moderator?

No, not always. Unless the offences are really bad we give everyone a chance. You'd be surprised how people can change for the better, sometimes a little guidance and a reminder goes a long way. It is fair to say that there are some players that haven't been modly in the past and I have seen that sometimes giving someone the opportunity to be in this position makes them change their ways and be a better player because of it.

What happens when you select someone who isn't modly?

Depending on the severity of the situation (we'll usually monitor it) we'll contact the Player Moderator and let them know how their actions are coming across. If we don't see a change in their behaviour their Player Moderator status will be removed and explained to them. Any severe unmodly behaviour will have stronger consequences.

When are you recruiting again?

The Community Management team always have projects on throughout the year and as much as we want to make recruiting Player Moderators a regular thing it is difficult to say exactly when this will happen. One thing we've worked on is building the P-Mod team up to make sure we're all working together before getting more people on the team. We also want to recruit more P-Mod Mentors to have a strong team and structure moving forward.

I have a maxed account, when can I be a P-Mod?

Being offered a Player Moderator status is not something you achieve in this way. Although game knowledge and experience is important it's the qualities listed above that we're looking for. We want Player Moderators that work well with us (the CM team), other P-Mods and others in the community to make the game and environment better.

What is a P-Mod Mentor?

A P-Mod Mentor is a P-Mod that been a P-Mod for a while, they are closer to the Community Management team (and know a lot of the Community Managers before our time in CM). They are there to guide new modlings and work with the CM team to build structure with recruitment, P-Mods and communication between all the teams. They are the team that let us know if we've missed a forum post, not addressed an issue and help us be better members of CM. They do much more than this and the CM team are very happy to have each and every one of them.

What happens when a P-Mod gets their full P-Mod responsibilities?

A new P-Mod will be monitored for the first three months. We'll check their reports, in-game behaviour, social posts and forum posts. They can ask P-Mod Mentors questions and they'll get all the help they need. Once a P-Mod has shown they're ready to take on that full responsibility, they will be able to mute in specific situations (if necessary) and at that point we expect them to behave modly.

Can we tell what rank Player Moderators are at?

No, all Player Moderators are labelled the same whether your a newbie P-Mod, fully fledged or a Mentor.

What other P-Mod ranks/groups are there?

We have a few other teams. There are Social Media P-Mods, In-Game Helper P-Mods and Event P-Mods. All have their own interests, focuses and curators. We also have a French P-Mod team that currently don't have a curator but they work closely with our localisation team (sometimes Mod Jon joins in/helps out).

Can players be both a P-Mod and an F-Mod?

Yes, we do have dual moderators.

Forum Moderators

You can find out more about Forum Moderators here.

Hopefully this will help answer a lot of the questions we get asked in CM. I'm sure that each new curator will have different approaches, hopefully they'll amend this thread to help answer any questions you may have.

If you want to be part of a constructive discussion about Player Moderators there is a thread here. Please remember to read the OP, there is no room for negativity on that thread.
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