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Lil Casi
Oct Member 2017

Lil Casi

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thanks for this thread! its impressive how big the number is, i could never imagine how much effort you guys put in to help players everyday :D loved the presentation, still impressed by the amount of accounts you review and sort out.
Big respect
for the whole Support team <3
When its dark enough, you can see the stars. (R.W.E)

09-Mar-2018 09:13:59

Kristi J
Mar Member 2008

Kristi J

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have a look at his stats.... 1 xp off all skills and 200mil prayer... ( untrimmed still) took him 4 years.. respect!!!!!!!!!!!

14-Apr-2018 07:47:54 - Last edited on 14-Apr-2018 07:48:17 by Kristi J

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