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4ev said:
@CM Brandon, thanks for responding.

This was in no way directed at you. I thought what you did was fine, had no qualm with my post being hidden, expected as much honestly. However, I don't like it when other players get baited into getting reported and ultimately banned, so I felt it was my duty to attempt to warn them.

All I can ask is that infractions no matter how minor are kept track of. If, for example, there were private forums, or even a shared excel document, you could have a quick tally next to names and types of offenses etc. (I envision a pivot table with username, and offense subcategories, with total values).

Just something to quickly refer back to. I'm not asking you to sift through a user's entire posting history on every report, simply moving forward, keep track in an efficient manner, that isn't an overly abundant amount of invested time.

Thanks for being open to the input, all I can ask for.

Hey @4ev,

As Brandon has said, thanks very much for the suggestions and feedback! This community works best when there's a helpful back and forth dialogue :)

Just to quickly answer to this, however, whenever we take action against an account (however minor) we add a note to that user's account detailing the action taken against them (as do FMods).

These notes let us know the history of the player in question in regards to their behavior on the forums when we open up their profile while actioning any reports against them.

So basically, what you're suggesting is something that's already part of our approach to moderating the forums ;)
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15-May-2019 20:24:19

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Firstly - cool that you've stuck through for us for well over half a year at this point. Thanks for the work you've put in trying to make this a better place to be and engage with each other.

A recurring question that hasn't truly been adressed since last year (that I can tell), is the point of being well and truly JMod in capacity. Was this dropped? Is technical issues preventing assignment of those privileges? Did the back-end change, allowing you to have the same functional privileges, without being assigned the same outward appearance?
I think it'd be good to give some closure on this point and communicate what has happened or will happen in regards to this seemingly indefinitely postponed change.

I'm pretty sure I've seen one or two of you around. Even if I agree that some posts do read like <customer service bot #33857>, I think that's something we should laugh at together. You make a much appreciated effort to make the forums worth using.
As an aside, runecrafting is the best skill in OSRS, don't @ me.

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Hey there SiddoSnow,

There are various technical challenges to still overcome in order to make it easier for CM Brandon & CM Nick to keep doing the fantastic job they are already doing.

I don't know what the exact next steps will be once the challenges have been overcome. I think there are various plans floating around but nothing has been decided yet. I'd be interested in hearing what the thoughts from you and all the others are on this too.
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12-Jun-2019 11:28:29

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Mod Poerkie said:
You said stuff, I needed characters.

I'm as happy as the next forum-goer to share my opinion at great length, but I'm not sure what you'd like to hear my opinion on.

Guessing at your interest;
1) JMod or CMod
I don't have any opposition to Nick and Brandon being made JMods, despite not being directly employed under Jagex. What I think is most important is that they can do their job, i.e. help manage the community and be our link to the Jagex office. It's unclear to me what exact technical challenges need to be overcome, but there's great value in them having JMod access and JMod responsibilities on the forums. Currently it seems these challenges are at least partially responsible for hindering their potential.

2) Communication
It is very important for a lot of players, both in-game and on the forums, to be able to reach Jagex with our ideas and feedback. A lot of people put a lot of thought into content, ranging from how to improve the experience in some meaningful way, or even ideas for entirely new content. Currently I haven't seen much communication there.
Having someone from Jagex' side who can meaningfully respond with criticism on those ideas would be a HUGE boon. It's something I'd like to see. Especially for OSRS suggestions. Currently there are a lot of ideas floating around. Ideas which don't seem like they're noticed or appreciated much at all.

I think it'd foster a better sense of community to have someone say "Hey, I've discussed this idea briefly with JMods and they think that <feedback>" or "Hey, thanks for the idea. Unfortunately, this isn't a direction we're looking to explore currently, but we may return to this in the future.". I think it'd really help foster meaningful dialogue between Jagex and the community about the game we love.
If I misunderstood your question, just say heyo, and I'll respond to the question you actually meant to ask.
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