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This is based off of a thread of mine in the Clan Leaders Forum that I made a year ago (if you have CLF access the thread is here)

When you log into the RSOF and are in a clan, under 'Specialist Forums' could be a new section called 'My Clan'. When you click it and go inside, there you would find your clans private forum, with all the formatting that's available here on the RSOF (clans private forums have next to no formatting available, and the clan pages/forums are the most outdated section of the RS website)

Inside would be whatever the clan chooses, as it would be self moderated, and like the current clan private forums, posts would be reportable only to jagex.

The owner would have all abilities when it comes to moderation of the forum, such as hiding posts, locking/stickying threads. having threads where all posts are only visible by people above X rank. (possibly more), with the owner being able to choose who (either by rank, or person) also has these abilites.

Having the clan private forums located on the RSOF could potentially make people visit other sections of the forum, which, with the RSOF not as busy as it used to be, it would be a great boost to the forum community if some of them become regular posters.

I've yet to think about how long unsickied threads would last (currently it's 2 weeks with no new posts), how many threads would be allowed at once and if this would negate the need for the 'clan home' forum.

Here is some concept art by someone in the CLF showing what it could look like on the RSOF homepage.

All feedback, positive or negative is welcome :)
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