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Hello, I last playied this game in 2014, had good stats and money ect. It looks as if everything I had is now gone. is there any way to get the stuff back, think it was called rs2 when I last logged in.

09-Nov-2018 01:30:15

The Old Cody

The Old Cody

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First off what version of the game? Second wrong section so you wont get the appropriate help.

So rs2 your items and cash will be on rs3, not on osrs if that is what your asking here.
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09-Nov-2018 01:44:59

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Hey there,

Welcome back to RuneScape. To hopefully answer your question, check out the Dude... where's my stats? support article.

As mentioned above, any items or levels acquired on what was RuneScape (2) are now on RuneScape (3). Old School RuneScape is a new game, so to speak, which is based off RuneScape 2, but we all start fresh.

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09-Nov-2018 03:59:00

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