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Ultimately, it comes down to employees playing favorites. Those whom continue to do things like this are no longer with the company, currently. Whats that tell you?

As an ex FMod from over a decade ago, I can agree that not only the title itself is quite useless and the tools the player staff are given are not needed in what the RSOF is today. Ultimately, it's all an outdated concept even in-game and it'll continue to be a revolving door as more official employees begin promoting again.

I'll be here in a year or two in some way to I told you so :P. Till' then, be helpful and kind when it's warranted and not become obnoxious about it - not directed at you, OP.
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05-Nov-2018 00:05:16

Mod Noodles

Mod Noodles

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Hey guys, I’m Mod Noodles from the Player Support team. I work directly with the Community Helpers and would like to provide some more information about the points raised in this thread, as well as quash any misconceptions.

Firstly, I’d like to make it clear that none of our voluntary teams maintain a ‘higher status’ than another. All of the teams (PMods, FMods and Community Helpers) have their specific purpose and each help our players in their own way. Accordingly, each have been given the appropriate tools with which to do so. There is, of course, some cross over as some members of the community may be involved in two or three of these groups, but their roles as each are very much separate.

Our Community Helpers tend to be knowledgeable in many aspects of both games, but are particularly helpful to our community when it comes to account related issues and Player Support based queries. We’ve had a significant boom in returning and new players alike due to Old School Mobile and the Helpers have done an amazing job of helping these players get started!

About our recruitment process - just to confirm, we invite players to become a Community Helper via their account inbox, so please be wary of any other form of invitation such as email, in-game chat or Twitter DM, as this is most likely a phishing attempt. We specifically invite players who are already actively helping other members of the community and offering accurate information. This could be on the forums or via Twitter. We regularly receive inquiries from players about joining the scheme and look into their activity and assess their current efforts. If we feel that their current efforts to help other players could be improved, we will express this to them and later check back to see if they have kept up their efforts to guide others.

We don’t have a ‘one in, one out’ policy – as the role is voluntary and activity for an individual can fluctuate (we’re aware that life happens outside of the forums and Twitter!). If we feel that three prospective players show the right attitude, knowledge and activity to become a Helper, we’ll gladly take on three Helpers without any current Helpers having to leave the scheme.

As others have mentioned, some Helpers are mostly active on the forums (It's worth noting that most Helpers are typically visible on the forums where other players are actually seeking help), while others are solely active on Twitter. The Helpers aren’t obliged to choose one platform over another, as long as they are making an effort to help our community and are providing accurate information, we’re happy to have them as part of the Community Helper team!
Mod Noodles
Player Support

09-Nov-2018 15:21:34

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