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I love this!! Thank you for taking the time to photoshop mock-ups of your suggestion, it really helps to illustrate your idea, Calm :)

I like the idea of making it clear where the OSRS forums are. I know that Linkify already collapses forums by default, and saves which ones you like already collapsed. However, when I haven't logged in for a while, it's actually pretty annoying having to expand my home forums, so that when I Command+F "General" to easily navigate down to the General forums, the search function actually finds what I'm looking for.

As a result, that's my only suggestion: to have tic boxes, or even locally cached information (cookies) of what macrosections each login account likes to have open by default. It's annoying enough having to expand macrosections when I log into a different account, and it would be atrocious if I had to do that every single time I logged in.
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