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So I recently got a small little computer to be able to play again, was all set and finished installing one of the clients, logged on successfully, but my Authenticator popped up and I don't have the tablet I had the auth on.

Made a post about not getting the email and got the response it was probably because of problems with people receiving AOL emails. I followed the steps given to reset it to a new email, but that led me to account recovery.

which I thought most of the information was correct, such as early passwords, account creation dates, the earliest card number I could find on record, recoveries I think I remembered 3 or 4/5 right, and I don't have the information such as dates from when my family moved any of the 5 times since creating the account, or what ISP my family used when I made it, or my earliest subscription details or some of the other things.

I know I got enough correct that nobody else in the world knows, and the account recovery got denied. And all could've been avoided if I would've just gotten the email sent to the registered AOL email. How long do I have to wait to be able to use my email so I can play again?
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