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NZ Sheeps said:
Sums up Jagex' motives nicely.

They did this a few years ago and the cards were (and still are) freely available for download from the site.

Now it their guiding principle seems to be 'How can we make money out of this?'

Edit: If you want to download the older ones, you may want to do so quickly. They might suddenly 'disappear' when Jagex realise they are giving them away for free.

I'm sorry, but no.

All they did before was use some concept art to create a web page, and it wasn't a full game, just a bit of fun. These are actually a branded, produced product that costs money to create. Two completely different things. They are no more or less expensive than any other Top Trumps product, and some of the cost goes back to whoever it is that makes Top Trumps.

12-Dec-2013 19:16:18

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