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Great Briton

Great Briton

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I don't like the ideas on Solak thats a no go area for me ,

player owned farm yea that's not to bad providing its got something good to look forward to.

Elite dungeons not over keen on this idea its just dressing up what we already have.

so looking back at all the comments that us the player as put up about this ,a price increase is not going to work you will end up scaring more players away and do yourself more harm than good.

to me it looks like you are scraping the bottom of the barrel as someone mentioned but in more ways than you can possibly imagine.
Lets be honest its a game to us a business for you
you have to think what does the player want
you have threads that have been posted for years and a lot of people have made good ones along with bad a lot was swept under the carpet.

it looks a sad state of affairs only seeing 3 big things for 1 year but they don't look that big.
when you brought out RS3 it was a big event it was a time where you had people come back to the game and it was with mixed emotions .the art work you put in was fantastic .
now the art work not being funny looks like its just slapped together .

put pest control back to what it was like when it first came out so players can go there and do what we used to do play constant in that place because the rewards was great.

quest no longer come thick and fast like they used to .
make the quest cape so once you get to a certain amount of quest points you can ware your cape still even thou more quest come out.
I don't see any one wearing that cape which is a shame .

make something new for the clan citadel so clans can have more fun there.
just going there to cap a few skills once a week as killed it nothing there for anyone to enjoy the hard work put in to building the clan citadel.

its all the stuff the game already as that is a worry because things are not happening .
you want more money from us give us something to keep us playing.

16-May-2018 06:56:38

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is that how u do business ? i came here wondering why price was raising, 11 dollars a month is expensive, number one rule in business, chasing revenue is another way of chasing customers away, its stupid, i was about to come play members again until i saw it was 11 dollars a month...yeah screw that, i guess im done with this game

04-Jul-2018 23:08:14

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Iron Alonne said:
is there any way to contact jagex? ive been looking all morning. my new account just got banned for apparenlt botting when i haven't I don't know what to do...

Iron Alonne

To appeal your ban, follow the instructions here :)

29-Jul-2018 22:22:54

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21-Nov-2018 04:29:17

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