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Vulgar Voice
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Vulgar Voice

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ATTENTION ALL PEOPLE WITH HEARTS OF GOLD!!!!! There is a heartless person who does not care about peoples emotions or situations. The account name is Kelly. Nothing else. If you are ever to encounter this account he is combat level 112 and the character is a female gender. BEWARE The nicest human beings, Always get the worst treatment.

19-Jan-2019 21:52:44

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Acra said:
Would be neat to re-unite rs3 + osrs communities instead of dividing the main game version many years ago.

Although being an rs3 player I wouldn't want to restart over from a fresh acct, and I wouldn't expect osrs to want to do that either.

You should develop a fair way to transfer both progresses into a 3rd dimension where osrs + rs3 come together (rs4), maybe this already under development?

I would like to see sailing for both rs3 and osrs. I think both would benefit. For RS3 discussion there is link in signature.

Acra, I like your idea to re-unite Rs3 and Osrs. So many friend left RS3 for Osrs but Osrs was just not for me. I wish we could all find a happy medium. I been playing rs for year many friends have came an gone but the ones I have left I
really would like to keep around.

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22-Jan-2019 00:41:22

x chris o
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x chris o

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Good Morning, Afternoon

I've just finished work and can not believe what I am reading, Bringing a new grand-master quest into OSRS fair enough.. But bringing RS3 content to OSRS and passing it off as "new content" is an absolute disgrace in my opinion i hope this does not pass and you's come up a better idea or i will handing in the towel again on Runescape.

Best of luck, Chris
Being humble matters.

28-Jan-2019 19:47:22

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