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Blackwing said:

Tooltips for Potions
This is patch note material though. Nice, but not an actual game update in itself.

Gonna have to disagree with you there. Potions tooltips is a huuuge QoL improvement.
For some potions it isn't even possible to figure out what they do with purely ingame means.
So yeah, congratz Jagex, on at least trying to make the game playable on Mobile for the new players you're obviously wanting to attract.

@ Jagex: Though good luck on getting those new players to look past the horrendously aged early-game (example: the quest in Morton still has you rebuild the town/houses with the crafting skill and awards crafting exp on completion, it's been around 14 years since the construction skill came out...).

And honestly, I'm surprised Needle Skips is noted in the BTS this month, given the announcement of DXP I was sure it'd be postponed to December. Then again, it's not in-game yet, we'll have to wait and see.

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My bad, I meant to say it's actually a great deal of work even just to document the effects of the large amount of potions in this game, nevermind implementing the tooltips. Original tooltips weren't a ninja fix/patch either btw, but something done in TAPP.

Moreover, ninja fixes/patches aren't purely about the amount of work or time something takes, but about which team implemented the change. This wasn't done by the ninja/patch teams, so it isn't a ninja fix/patch.

Technically, it is new content. Before you actually had to open the Wiki in order to figure out what some potions did.

TL;DR: I'm saying the effect this has on players/gameplay is way out of the scope of usual ninja fixes/patches.

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Blackwing said:

Eh? So according to this logic, if the ninja team did a quest for example, it'd be categorized as a patch note rather than an actual game update? That makes no sense; the update/patch defines itself, not who made it.

Uh? The ninja team doesn't make quests. Any and all changes to quests have in fact been classed as patch notes, though. So, yes?

If a member of the ninja team wanted to work on a quest, they'd be put into another team and said member would then be replaced by adding someone else to the ninja team.

Despite appearances, this is still a professional business, people don't just work on what they want at any time, they work on what their team is assigned. And yes, that makes perfect sense.

I can't make heads nor tails out of your last sentence btw.

Original message details are unavailable.
Some people not knowing some of the effects doesn't mean that the effects did not exist, and thus they are old content

Strawman. Maybe some people had all potential potion effects memorized, but that wasn't at all the point of my post. The means to view these effects in-game is completely new.

I agreed with everything else you said, I was just hoping to share some insight into why this addition wouldn't be considered as a patch note, if only by Jagex. Whether to listen or not is up to you.

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