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When Loyalty outfits were first released, they were items, not overrides. They could be exchanged for differently coloured versions of each outfit.

Those recolours are awesome!

Unfortunately when the outfits got ported to the override system, the dope recolours did not!

This means in order to have access to those super cool recolours, you need to keepsake them. :(

Normally I just accept that keepsake keys are a big source of revenue for Jagex, so they understandably take as many occasions to make us use them as they can.

This is a case where I feel it is not very fair however, because the outfits are Loyalty outfits and the update to make them overrides was not something we had to pay extra for.

I am simply asking to be able to use the awesome recolours that already exist via the override interface.

If you have never seen those cool alternate recolours, then head over to Xuan in Burthrope and Varrock, Dilwyn in Prifddinas and Wafa in Menaphos to take a look. Any outfits you own can be claimed in item form from them for no charge and come in many cool colours.

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I couldnt agree more about how nice they are.

I once asked here in the forums if they could be used with keepsake keys.

Have you actually tried it and if so how do they rename it.
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