Ghostly weapon overrides

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Kal Vorax
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Kal Vorax

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So with the introduction of the Master Thieving set (great use of the free keepsake keys imo), and add in the ghostly cloak and sword (2 handed) I think its time we get a full set of ghostly weapon overrides. They wouldn't devalue the ghostly gear or sword (as they are in-game cosmetics which are very easy to get, quest reqs not withstanding ofc *partial completion of Desert Treasure up to getting the ring of visibility*) and would add more variety to being ghostly.

items would include:

-MH and OH swords/daggers
-bow/crossbow (and its MH and OH crossbow variants), possibly thrown (like Nomad's throwing spear)

It could be as simple as taking the vitality weapons (adding the MH and OH variants) and making them transparent and getting rid of their least that is how I see it.

Instead of having it in 3 packs (like that ornate stuff is) it would all be in ONE pack for about 420 to 600 RC.


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support for ghost style weps / armour

And on a side note, for those who are wondering about the in game versions already... Kalvorx meant Ghost Robes and Shadow Sword.

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Sudo Bash
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Sudo Bash

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bump+support, as i tend to use the outfit as-mentioned quite often (along with my title ", Stealth Predator" :P

which actually does work on spooking some people (usually on F2P Worlds) due to it being transparent+they have shadows disabled lol
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