we need more cosmetics

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we haven't gotten any new amazing cosmetic armors or even pets or legendarys in months it seems, we need some insane armor what really pulls into the amazingness or the ntx client, like some armor with spikes coming off it with faces on it with glowing eyes and smoke coming outta there mouths, or some robe armor that has elements flowing from it or some really cool elemental staffs where it just crackles with power, or a really cool Warhammer that has a cage in the middle where a fire elemental is stored. and some really cool scythes that, are made from elder tree wood, with ancient writings along the handle, with the metal being engraved as well, with some really cool artistic touch to it. I just feel like solomons store has been forgotten lately and im dying to buy some amazing cosmetics

04-Dec-2018 20:09:58

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