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There's been talk before about adding quiver cosmetic items for the back slot. This is an untapped opportunity and one that I still want to see Jagex approach at some point.

However, this isn't the only possible use for the back slot. For a while now, we've had the ability for weapons to stick to our back when they're not in use, like our spines have somehow become magnetic. It's been a bog standard way to explain what happens to a character's weapons when they're not in use in fantasy games for decades, and, I mean, it works.

But in the world of FashionScape, I think a lot of people would be interested in being able to lug around a sheath, bandoleer, or some other means of transporting their weapons in place of a cape.

We could have a sheath for most standard classes of weapons (daggers, swords, longswords, some sort of curved sheath for scimitars, some sort of guided sling for battleaxes, hatchets, Pickaxes, Mauls and Warhammers, and a massive sheath for a 2H, etc.), complete with some sort of hook to mount the off-hand shields on. For weapons that support off-hands, we could have two of the same sheath on either side of the player's back for added symmetry. Weapons like the Godswords could have a unique sheath appropriate for the serrated blade. Scythes, Halberds, Polearms, Staves, and Spears could have a ringed tube with enough clearance to draw the weapon without cutting your hand on the blade. Crossbows, hand cannons, and wands could have holsters. The possibilities are plentiful.

It would only take a limited amount of development time and resources, and it would likely be worth it. I often see FashionScapers hide the back slot entirely because most capes are so big that they clip into their wings of choice. Being able to sell them some fashionable, functional sheaths would likely be a worthwhile time investment.

Whether it's to carry ammo for our bows or a sheath to protect our big heavy weapons, our backs are capable of so much more than mere capes.

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