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Aslon Dak

Aslon Dak

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I have encountered bugs multiple times trying to use various parts of the RS website. Mostly, I just get redirected to the OSRS login. This is not at all helpful, considering it has nothing to do with anything I try to do. I have never played OSRS, and do not have an OSRS account.

To access Solomon's Store, I find the best method is to just click on the store while in-game. Yes, this does require you to log into your account first, then travel to Varrock if you're not already there. However, I've not had any issues being unable to access Solomon's in this way. A few months back, I tried to redeem a couple of pre-paid cards for RuneCoins, and this was the only way it was possible. The website link wasn't working as it used to. Instead, it just sent me to the OSRS login. I made a forum post about it over at CL Tech Support. Someone tried to help me by sending me a link...which redirected me to the OSRS login. O_o
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01-Oct-2019 06:35:29

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