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Petition: Please send Jagex Moderator Timbo to Oldschool.

OSRS is in desperate need of balanced drop tables. For too long, insanely overpowered, poorly thought out, and poorly communicated drop tables have been implemented. It's clear that this is a consistent problem with how the OSRS team handles drops, and not some one-off accident or fluke.

Skilling resources shouldn't be obtained primarily from PvM.

High level potions shouldn't be easily obtained from PvM.

PvM drops shouldn't render skilling methods obsolete.

Those are just a few thoughts. I plan on making a more developed thread on this later, but this one is focused on one thing: Bringing Timbo to OSRS. May the drop tables be destroyed, and may the trees fall by his might.
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16-Jan-2019 21:41:51



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And your solution to this problem is to bring an RS3 mod to OSRS? Lolk. Not sure if trolling or not. The ditch is gonna get endless repolls while sand buckets can pass the first poll and never be implemented. After the ditch passes the 7th poll attempt, it'll be implemented an hour before the poll closes because it's actually important. Deal with it.

17-Jan-2019 15:35:44

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18-Jan-2019 16:19:29

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Slash Ma1n said:
no dude its good this way no noob friendly things... don't bring rs3 people here pls
Since luring nubnubs into the wilderness to be victims won't work, we should force them to anti-PK by preventing them from leaving the wilderness until they PK a couple of targets.

18-Jan-2019 16:19:48

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