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Jagex will only ever recommend the use of the official client, which can be downloaded from the Old School RuneScape homepage. The use of any other client is done at the player’s own risk, and the use of a rulebreaking client could lead to an account being removed from play.

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demonic r4ge said:
is it ok to be used?
Yes. Jagex has said you are allowed to use third party clients, but at "your own risk," which is just legal jargon for "we don't control what's in it, so we can't verify it's safe to use."

You won't get banned for using RuneLite.
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You are welcome to answer your fellow peers' questions as they arise but you do not have to answer while also ruffling feathers at the same time. It's completely unnecessary and for this reason you post has been hidden.

Please be more courteous and respectful toward your peers. If there is nothing nice to say, it's best not say it at all.

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As far as the client being safe to use. Runelite is open source, meaning everyone can review the code for themselves. Still, you "use at your own risk". But for the most part, it's considered one of the safer clients because of it being open source.

But that also means you can write your own plugins for the client. Which means plenty of people have modified and hosted more nefarious versions of the client for others to download. So be sure to download only the official version if you do.

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If you do decide to try it, make sure you are downloading it from the correct website. If you browse without adblock then then it is not unusual for the top ad in your google search results to be for a fake version. Make sure you get it from
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They'll eventually ban it off, so don't get too accustomed to it. The ditch is gonna get endless repolls while sand buckets can pass the first poll and never be implemented. After the ditch passes the 7th poll attempt, it'll be implemented an hour before the poll closes because it's actually important. Deal with it.

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