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Hello, there seems to be no feasible method of contacting jagex, aside from twitter which I have done.

But here goes...

My account was perm banned on Jul 01 for macroing, which was not done by me, and I appealed it which was successful just several days ago. I recovered my account but noticed that my defence was trained from 10 to 64 while it was hijacked. Is there anyway that the stats that were trained WHILE my account was hijacked (and you guys can verify too) be undone. I have amassed a total of 5 years on this one account and it would all be to waste as its sole intention was a pure for pking in the f2p worlds.

Mod Calcifer removed the ban from my account.
Anyone please help me, I don't know what to do.

13-Aug-2019 20:07:52

One Dub
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One Dub

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Jagex won't do anything about it. Sadly, there is very little customer support. Honestly, I'd be happy you got your account back. I had an account hacked and the hacker macro'd it and I never got it back; as I'm sure is the case for many people.

14-Aug-2019 00:54:04

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