if you were to add summoning

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i know summoning is a contentious issue in rs 3 and adding it in osrs is as well but just for fun if you were to add it how would you?

if adding as a new skill is too much an idea i had was add it as a massive addition to several skills as such

additionally you can't use pets in pvp period

for hunter you can not only hunt creatures, you can attempt to tame the creatures instead of kill them and other animals such as rats, rabbits, squirrels, spiders etc, the creature if tamed becomes a pet you can bring around, some pets give a nice bonus while others are just for companionship, you may also raise a pet from birth to full grown and use it in pvm

for smithing and crafting and to a lesser degree fletching, i really like the clockwork cat and would want it expanded the idea, you could build your own pets and companions to assist in skilling or combat or companionship, different levels have new constructs you can build, maybe it could also use parts from the elemental workshop, also similar ideas would be like the dwarf cannon but alive

magic and runecraft let you make magic companions or summon undead or create undead or runestone companions or summon magic creatures

herblore and maybe even cooking let you make a companion from scratch

so anyway that's just my thoughts on the skill if i were to add it

how would you add it and don't just post that you wouldn't add it, only post if you have ideas on how to add it

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If I were to add summoning, I would delete this game and release static servers.

The ditch is gonna get endless repolls while sand buckets can pass the first poll and never be implemented. After the ditch passes the 7th poll attempt, it'll be implemented an hour before the poll closes because it's actually important. Deal with it.

17-Feb-2019 05:04:36

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Hey Aby. Summoning would make the game easier and the people who are level 126 would not be maxed combat anymore. I think it is more people do not like the idea of not being maxed combat anymore. Why there was such an uproar in 2008.

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For as many negative impacts summoning had, I think the process of leveling the skill was well implemented.

1. Required an uncommon drop from a monster
2. Used secondary ingredients that a part of other skills and drops.
3. Had a long grind to give a more rewarding experience when leveling and unlocking the next tier.

The introduction of BoB and Combat pets were meta changing, but there are things we can take from it and bring them into the game.

23-Feb-2019 20:41:10

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