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Hi everyone,

I recently switched from RS3 over to OSRS to make a pure so I can PK and enjoy some nostalgic times, honestly OSRS is a nice change from RS3 right now. Feel free to look up my OSRS on the hi scores but I need some advice.

I'm currently combat level 50 with 70 Ranged, Magic, and 64 HP; all my other combat stats are 1. As of right now, I'm working on getting all my non combat stats to a base of 50 while mixing in some quests when I get bored, ultimately I want to get them all to 70 so I know it'll be awhile before I train combat again. (I'm treating my account as a main while restricting some skills to remain a pure/hybrid).

I took the time to write down all the quests available on an excel sheet then separated which quests require/reward Defense and Prayer XP, since I want to remain 1 Defense and Prayer for the time being.

My question is, should I eventually train Defense and Prayer to a certain base level? I know a lot of you might recommend at least completing Desert Treasure which I am not opposed to. Just, for right now I wanted to finish my excel quest list and whatever remaining levels I need for 60 Attack get it then start working on Strength.

Lastly, which type of pure/hybrid seems to dominate the PvP world? There's a lot of new stuff that I'm still learning and open to all suggestions/recommendations.

Thanks for your time!

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It all depends on what type of pking you want to do. If you want to do edge BHing/pvp world pking you should probably begin with having a low lvl gmauler, and keep your prayer and def at 1, get your attack to 50, str to 70-80 and ranged around 80
If you want to do deeper wildy pking, you pretty much have to get at least 85 mage (for tb) along with 45 prayer, above level 5 wildy, using overheads (NHing) is the meta now.

Now being a low level pure in deep wild can be quite frustrating because of teams and higher level players who will destroy you and west dragons is pretty much the only place you dont really have to worry too much about them. If you have the patience you can make a maxed 75 attack pure which is a really nice build overall, and can take down zerkers if you are decent. Although when being on a pure and fighting someone with defence you always have a base dps disadvantage and have to rely on either KO potential or being better than your opponent in order to win. If you want that good advantage against pures you can make a 45 def zerker with 60 attack, the problem with this build is that a lot of medlevels (level 105-115) with higher stats can attack and out dps you easily. The most profitable is probably just having a maxed main.

I have done plenty of pking and in my opinion pure vs pure nhing is the most fun, although its not very profitable compared to main nhing or veng pking. This is very much a matter of preference.

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1 pray 50 att= edgeville
52 pray 60 att= deep wild
Defense is stupid because it'll just get you in a high level bracket and you won't get as many fights. Go to edgeville and see what everyone is doing. There are many pure builds out there, a really fun and easy one is training 60 str and using obby maul and neck.

19-Mar-2019 16:25:58

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